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Unit testing for exception
Hi all, I'm currently writing a number of unit tests and have run into a bit of an issue. Those that are for methods that return false or positive are fine but I also need to test a number of methods ...

Programming forum

Search a string in python and return the string
Hi all, I ahve got a requirement of searching for a string in a text file and then return that string. I also need to convert that to numerical value Could anyone please tell me how to do it? Th ...
python programming training, London UK
Hi All, We are currently running a discount and promotion on the up and coming course: * Course: Python Programming Training * Date: 31th Aug - 3rd Sep 2010 (4 days) * Discounted ...
iPhone solution
Here i have shared some information on iPhone games hope u will like... iPhone is extremely thin (only 11.6 millimeters thick) but wider and longer than many comparable devices. The display area i ...
how to take screenshots of the windows desktop from python
Any way to take screenshots of the windows desktop from python? ...
setting the charset encoding
Hi all How can i set the charset encoding of the output of my python applications? ...
Month temperatures program/Help
Hi. I need some help. I need my python program to get information from the .txt file.(text file). I have managed to get this:
[code:1]import string
months = []
temperature ...
Running python on UnixWare 7.1.3
Hi, I am trying to run some python scripts on SCO UnixWare 7.1.3. I have tried to add PYTHONPATH using the command: export PYTHONPATH=/folder_containing_all_my_python_scripts/ but python still do ...
image processing in pyQT
how can i create paint like programme which contains application that will have some basic image processing (cropping, filtering, thumbnail)etc., and some drawing/painting on image stuff using pyQT ...
Help with importing functions from another file
I need help on importing functions so they can be used in a different file. For example, if I have a file A, that looks something like this:
[code:1]def return_something(text, ...
using python with sqlite
How do I use python with sqlite? Are there any special classes I should install? Links to any good tutorials are welcome. ...

Programming message board

Having trouble with rounding numbers
I would like to round numbers to certain values that are not always just to the nearest integer or multiple of 10. For instance I would like to be able to round the number 1245 to the nearest 50 (s ...
blackjack code help!!
hi i have made a blackjack code and need a some help on it. it seems to work overall but there are a few bits here and there that need sorting out, and im kinda stuck on it so was wondering if i coul ...
need help in converting haskell to python
let fib =
1:1:(map (uncurry (+)) (zip fib (tail fib)))
in take 20 fib
I'm trying to convert this to python code. I have tried a direct translation and ended up wit ...
new line when writing to files
How do I write something from a new line when writing to files with python? Thanks ...
loop over files in a directory
How do I loop over files in a directory? ...
TypeError 'generator' object is unsubscriptable
Pls help.
I get this error:
TypeError 'generator' object is unsubscriptable
ion an example like this:
[code:1]a = b[0][/code:1]
What is a generator and how do I ...
Python Resources
Downloading and Installing Python
Python v2.5.2 For Windows x86 processors download:
For Win64-Itanium users download:
F ...
Pause in python script execution
Hello! How do I stop my python script for a period of time, 3 seconds for example, then continue it's execution? Thanks! 8) ...
python list length
How do i get the length of a list in Python?
If I have
mylist = ["Micle", "23", "male"]
the list length is 3.
What function returns this length?< ...
python IDE for linux
Whats a good python IDE for linux? ...

Software development forum

the interactive prompt just beeps and types nothing
Hey guys, I have a problem which is driving me NUTS on any interactive python window on windows XP: everytime I try to type either '{' or '[' (on my keyboard layout alt-gr-^ and alt-gr-&#x437;) t ...
how to embed a binary data into my python program
I want to embed a small amount of binary data into my python program. what's the best way to do this? ...
how to build a timeout in a function?
Hello. I'd like to build a timeout in a function. I tried this by doing a while loop and check the time for X difference. Of course, this took 100% of the processor. Are there better ways to create s ...

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