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Browser compatibility issues
Its good for a site to be wc3 compliant as is the standard with the most browsers. Well if a site is not according there is every possibilty that site may develop browser compatible issues. In the in ...

Programming forum

Validate the code before updating site
Internet thrives on updates so updating websites on regular basis is a common activity that takes place at regular pace. Most of these activities often require changes in HTML code and chances are th ...
What is the difference between HTML and DHTML?
share your knowledge with me. Thank you, ...
Lets revise certain HTML tips
The cost of not maintaining proper HTML code is loosing custoers to other sites this is because a site with improper HTML code takes more time to load so as a result the online visitor is forced to l ...
HTML insights
what happens when a not so clean HTML code is used is that the pages doesn't load properly while the idea of hosting a website itself is to provide some products or services to the online visitors an ...
Get benefited from clean HTML code
Using clean HTML code would meant fast downloading pages, search engine friendly, proper usage of page size, browser compatibility and host of other benefits that are as a result of clean HTML code. ...

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