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Array copying problem
Hi I am trying to copy one struct to another, but I am making some minor mistake that it is not getting copied. Can someone help me fix it?
#include&l ...

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Team Efficiency Matters Ė For Developing Embedded Solutions
Efficient and expert teams are a prerequisite for embedded software development. This is to ensure that they can work in tandem with client needs. In order to meet all these demands, it is wise to pa ...
Agile Methodology for Embedded Systems
One of the most popular methodologies of embedded software development is Agile methodology. It is widely used by software companies to develop embedded products based on requirements sent in by the ...
Excellent Verification and Validation Services
I had a very good experience with Embedded360, which provided excellent verification and validation testing services for my automation company. Their designing, implementation, and testing activities ...
FAST Embedded Model Approach
When I first heard about Embedded360 and their Fast Embedded Model, I didnít give much importance to it. But itís when I worked with them and got to know their work process that I truly understood th ...
Memory leaks detection in C++
Hi! Created application is working toooo slow, looks like there are a lot of memory leaks, there are a lot of pointers. So, please, can you advice some effective tool for run-time errors and memo ...
Get Improved Quality and ROI
When my friend suggested the name of Embedded360, I had no other choice but to take his word since my project was at a critical juncture. It proved to be a good decision since their model based devel ...
ActiveX without registration
Hi! My app uses one ActiveX and I don't want to register it under WinXP. Is it possible to use ActiveX without registration? Thanks! ...
DLL protection
Hello! For security I should not to use any temporary files except single .exe. DLLs should be embedded in exe file. Would you, please, advice me how can I load DLLs, used in my app, without extract ...

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