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Monday 17 June 2019 16:36

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Six Sigma Applicability In Software Development

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Six Sigma is a business improvement methodology used in all sectors. Six Sigma is about learning and using tried and tested management approaches to bring verifiable improvements that have business impact. This requires that people get trained as improvement specialists through green belt and black belt programs.

BENCHMARK SIX SIGMA is a globally recognized Six Sigma training and consulting organization offering a comprehensive range of services on Lean and Six Sigma.

Some of the example projects of Six Sigma in Software Development are as follows:

Reducing schedule slippages.
Reducing number of bugs being detected in the field during usage of the product.
Reducing rework in requirements development process to incorporate customer expectations.
Reducing time and cost overruns in project planning phase due to inaccuracies in the estimation process.
Increasing defects detection early in the process so that costs are less compared to defect dtection later in the project.
Reducing or eliminating invoicing errors.
Reducing rework (All work done to fix an application after it has been delivered to a customer is rework. This includes corrections to features or functions that are incorrect, and also may include "missed requirements" - things the customer expected but did not receive).
Reducing Customer complaints.
Reducing complaint resolution time.
Improving defect containment effectiveness (DCE).
Reducing appraisal cost per defect by phase and appraisal type (by project and in total) Reducing effort variance normalized by size.
Improving the efficiency (conversions) in sales processes.
Improve the forecast accuracy.
Control spending over time.

Examples of companies who have been implementing Six Sigma in Software Development-

o Among users in the software development, Satyam, Wipro, Patni, Accenture, TCS, Cognizant, are few of the names that have had good results.
o Benchmark Six Sigma has had more than 600 participants (with development or testing background) in the eight cities in recent times participating and benefiting from Green Belt and Black Belt training including those from
o Infosys
o Oracle
o Wipro
o SISL (Siemens Information Systems Pvt Ltd.)

The key ideas from Six Sigma applicable to software development are -

1. We should develop methods which capture defects/bugs early in the development process as cost of fixing increases if they are found in later phase.

2. We should look for opportunities to make the requirements assessment, coding and testing to be first time right so that we can reduce the need for testing as much as possible.

3. Better data collection and analysis can help in scientific approaches for improvement in all areas be it software estimation, scope creep, delivered defects or rework.

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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.   This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.    Programming Forums -> IT Jobs- open positions for IT specialists

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