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Monday 17 June 2019 16:48

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seo elite vs ibp

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Greek Guy
Guest Programmer

Have anyone here used Seo Elite or IBP?
Which one is better for a newbie SEO?

Thank you.

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Guest Programmer

I have used the Seo Elite and IBP. The first one is the single seo software I use, excluding key phrase investigation tools. If I had to pay monthly or for every update I possibly wouldn't have bought it or persist to using it. If that was the situation I would have invented my own program and would offer it as Brad offers his with a free upgrade.

It is fine for a swift evaluation of an internet site and its linking pattern. Just be certain to use yahoo and msn links, and not google links.

I have heard big success stories from utilizing the link barter emailer but precisely I haven't seen any results from it. I positively do quite incompetently at link trading, that is as far as I rank my site where I desire it and then everyone prefers to barter links.

When link trading I always do it manually. I have never seen automatic software that works fine. So if that is your conjecture for buying it then you perhaps should not.

It does have a utile tool that checks to make certain your link partners are still linking back. Doesn't work so well with directories. By the way I would never trade links with a directory.

You can conjointly check where your site is ranked on google, msn and yahoo. It displays a graph and the day-to-day alteration for your website rankings.

You can use a feature which lets you discover authority sites online. For some industries this works well. But when some major sites like Adobe come up, it is very unlikely they are going to link to your site, based on a link exchange proposal. It works better if you use msn or yahoo as the search for link exchange partners.

I have ended pretty well doing msn for sites to trade links with. I don't do much of that but if I obtain a quality site I will trade. BTW this isn't because Google does not have quality sites. It is because google provides really high quality searches.

It as well has a feature to submit articles to different directories. I have not personally utilized this so can not provide criticism on that however I as well wouldn't use an automatic software to submit articles. If you do and require this I hypothesize perhaps Seo Elite would be as nice as any other automatic article submitter.

Having said all that I use Seo Elite and commonly have it open most of the day. I use the link pattern tool the most.

But considering Seo Elite's mistakes it is superior In my humble opinion to IBP. The later has some compatibility and security problems. I have never had a issue utilizing Seo Elite.

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New Programmer

Joined: 12 Jan 2009
Posts: 24
I am totally agree with Mr.Lambert.i think he provided us some useful information here.

So,Follow according to him.

You also take help from me . You also can asked questions frequently.

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New Programmer

Joined: 30 Jan 2010
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Location: Buzau/Romania
The best way is to have knowledge and do manualwork

Both aren't good

SEO is about knowledge and human decisions no software can think like an human ...
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New Programmer

Joined: 03 Nov 2010
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i havent tried using seo elite, but i tried is good the results are good for basis
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